Animal feed premix production line

  • Animal feed premix production line
  • what is the premix production line, importance of premix in poultry feeds
  • Animal feed premix production line


 According to the degree of automation, animal feed premix production line is divided into artificial ingredients, automatic ingredients of carrier and constant ingredients, and automatic ingredients. The pre-two feed premix line used in medium and small scale industries, the automatic ingredients is normally used in medium and large scale feed industries.

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Manufacturing technique:

1. Grinder: According to production scale, characteristics of material and requirements of size of raw materials. The Grinder is divided into micro-grinder and superfine grinder.


Material to be crushed

> Carrier: such as corn flour, bran, etc.

> Thinner: Calcium carbonate such as shell powder and stone powder.

> Mineral salts: such as copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc.

> Trace salts: such as cobalt carbonate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite and the like.



The ingredients are based on different materials, different amounts of addition, and different tolerances, and the corresponding batching process and equipment are used.


A. routing

1) Grouping ingredients:

A large amount of material is mechanically transported, and a small amount of ingredients such as antibiotics are weighed at the conveyor outlet.

2) Pre-weighing - Dilution and mixing - Ingredients: After weighing small and small components, dilute, mix, and then as part of the ingredients, you can dilute and mix multiple times.


B. batching equipment

Precision balances, platform scales; electronic batching scales.


3. Mixing process

1) Stirring and mixing: it is a common way in feed mills;

2) Grinding and mixing: It is unique for premixing and is used in the dilution mixing of toxic components and very small components, that is, mixing in a mortar or a research vessel while grinding.


4.Adding liquid additive

Adding oil, Antioxidants, Choline chloride powder src.



According to the materials to choose the method of transporting, such as bucket conveyor, screw conveyot, Scraper conveyor, etc.



Packed out of the factory, not  bulk. Can choose the manual packaging machine, semi-automatic packing machine and automatic packaging machine.


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