Small poultry feed production line

  • Small poultry feed production line
  •  poultry feed plant, small poultry feed mill
  • Small poultry feed production line


Small poultry pellet feed mill is suitable for medium and small scale farming  professional households and other processing of various livestock and poultry and aquatic pellet feed can reduce the cost of aquaculture. And can be used for raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, cattle, sheep, aquatic products and so on.



♦ The pulverizer utilizes a high law, and different pulverization sizes can be determined as needed.

♦ Weighing ingredients, accurate ratio, the comprehensive error can be controlled within 0.3~0.5%, which is also conducive to clearance.

♦ Evenly mixed, stable and reliable quality. Various additives can be uniformly mixed into the feed through a pre-mixing process.

♦ Granulator is suitable for straw, wood chips, cereals, etc.

♦ According to the raw material varieties, the crushed varieties are frequently exchanged, the operation is cleaned up, and a certain interval time is lost.



1. Raw material receiving and storage (cleaning)  

The impurities in the raw materials not only affect the growth of animals, but also easily cause the blockage of pipes and equipment, and even damage equipment (screen, ring mold, etc.). You can use screening method, magnetic separation method and suction dust removal method.  

2. Crushing  

To increase the specific surface area of feed and improve the digestibility of feed;  Improve the quality of batching, mixing, pelleting and other subsequent processes, and improve the efficiency of these processes.  

3. Mixing

Batching is a process of feeding and measuring different kinds of feed materials with specific batching devices according to the requirements of the formula.  

Mixing is a process in which various material components are mixed and mixed to make them evenly distributed after measuring and making up feed products.  

4. Granulating system  

The pelleting system is to make the mixed compound feed into granules by high temperature steam conditioning and strong extrusion of the pelleter, and then after cooling, crushing and screening, the granules are made into finished products.  

5. Cooling  

After cooling, the particles not only increase the hardness of particles, but also prevent mildew, which is convenient for the transportation and storage of pellet feed.  

6. Classification  

When the powder is pressed forming cooling or particle crushing, it is necessary to extract qualified finished products through the classification screen, the unqualified small particles or powder screening out for re-granulation, and the geometric size of the particle is larger than qualified products back to the crusher crushing.  

Common classification screen is divided into: vibration classification screen and plane rotary screen two.  

7. Packing  

Generally, bag packing machine is used to pack particles into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg.  


There are three plans:

Conveyor Crushing and mixing →  conveyor silo  pelleting Cooling


Conveyor Crushing and mixing →  conveyor silo  pelleting →  conveyor Cooling  →  screening


Crushing →  mixing →  conveyor silo  pelleting Cooling and screening


You can choose according to your needing.



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