Livestock feed processing line

  • Livestock feed processing line
  • animal feed processing line, livestock feed production line
  • Livestock feed processing line

Application: animal feed pelleting process includes cleaning raw material(such as sand, metal, stone), raw material crushing, mixing materials, pelleting system, cooling and drying system, packing system.


Raw material:

1. Cereals : corn, wheat, sorghum etc., good fluidity, easy to handle, having large quantities and stored in a silo;

2. Powder auxiliary materials: soya powder, fish meal, etc., poor fluidity, variety, stored in the warehouse

3. Liquid raw materials: molasses, amino acids, etc., stored in storage tanks

4. Drugs, trace elements, etc.: high-value raw materials, stored separately, and put into the mixer proportionally when used.


working principle:

1. Cleaning system

Cleaning the dust to keep high quality raw materials for feed pellets

drum cleaning sieve: cleaning mud, hemp rope, stone, etc.

Magnetic Separator:  used for sepatate the magnetic metal dust

But, The cleaning capacity is 5 times the final output of the livestock feed production line.


2. Crushing system

Put the raw materials in water drop hammer mill or other crusher machine, crushing the materials in powder or small diameter pellets, and transport the crushing materials in silo.

3. Mixing system

 Two ways to mix feed materials

a. Pre-mixing method: Mixing the trace raw materials (antibiotics, drugs, vitamins, etc.) required by the animal with the carrier, the purpose is to shorten the mixing cycle of the full-price compound feed under the premise of uniform distribution of the trace raw materials.

b. Mixing in the final stage: After weighing according to the formula, the raw materials are mixed evenly in the mixer.

4.  pelleting system

Granulation process: a process of processing the mixed powdery feed into a pelletized feed, the whole process includes: magnetic separation, quenching, granulating, cooling, crushing, and sieving.

5. Cooling stystem

feed cooler adopts counter flow cooling theory, and pellets can be cooled completely and evenly through the machine, which is good for the pellet packing and storage.

6. Packing system

The packaging process include filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes like cleaning, stacking . The packaging process also includes the measurement and conveying packages. Electronic packing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of granules in food, grain, sugar, animal feeds etc.

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