3t/h Ring die chicken feed plant

  • 3t/h Ring die chicken feed plant
  • 3t/h capacity,ring die chicken feed plant, poultry feed production line
  • 3t/h Ring die chicken feed plant

 Processing equipment

poultry feed manufacturing process includes grinding process, mixing process, pelleting process and bagging process, etc. The pellet process uses ring die feed pellet machine. 3t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant include crushing machine, mixing machine, pellet machine, screen machine, packing machine and auxiliary equipment. And you can see the ring die feed pellet machine.

Poultry feed manufacturing plant is suitable for producing all kinds of feed pellets for various animals such as chicken, pig, cow, cattle, goat, rabbit etc.

Just use different size of ring die mould to produce different animal feed pellet according to the requirement of different animal and poultry.


Main manufacturing process

(a) crushing

Materials to be crushed

> Carrier: such as corn flour, bran, etc.

> Thinner: Calcium carbonate such as shell powder and stone powder.

> Mineral salts: such as copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc.

> Trace salts: such as cobalt carbonate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite and the like.

(b) mixing

Mixing process can be divided into batch mixing and continuous mixing two batch mixing is a mixture of various components according to the formula ratio of mixed together, and put them into batch mixer in batches of the periodical work mix machine, the hybrid method to change the formula is more convenient, mixed between each batch is less, is a kind of hybrid technology, now in general use open-close operation more frequently,  

Therefore, automatic program control is mostly used. Continuous mixing process is various with the material components of continuous measurement separately at the same time, and in proportion to fit into a stream of material flow, containing a variety of components when the material flows into the continuous mixer, straight into a homogeneous mixture of material flow, this technology has the advantage that can be done continuously, with crushing and granulating process links up waiting for the continuous operation, production does not need frequent operation.    

However, when changing the formula, the flow adjustment is more troublesome and there are more material residues in the continuous conveying and continuous mixing equipment, so the problem of mixing between the two batches of feed is more serious.

(c) pellet making

1, conditioning

Conditioning and tempering is the most important link in pelletizing process. The quality of the material directly determines the quality of the same material. The purpose of conditioning and tempering is to adjust and temper the dry powder into a powdery feed with a certain moisture and humidity conducive to granulation. At present, feed factories in China complete the conditioning and tempering process by adding steam.


2, granulation

(1) ring die pelletizing: conditioning homogeneous material magnet to mixed by security first, and then were evenly distributed between the transverse pressure mixture, such material by feeding area compaction area into the extrusion area, by continuous extrusion press roller clamp into the die opening points, the formation of columnar feed, with die rotation, are fixed to the outside of the die cutting knife cut into shape between material.

(2) horizontal granulating mixed material into the pelleting system, is located in the upper part of the granulating system rotating distributor evenly distributed material on the surface of the horizontal, and then by the rotating press mixing material into the horizontal hole and from the bottom of the pressure, through the die hole out of the rod feed by the cutting roller cut into the length of the demand.

(d) cooling

Access to cooling in the granulating process due to high temperature and high wet steam material be squeezed to produce a large amount of heat at the same time, makes the grain feed just came out from the granulator, the moisture content of 16% to 18%, the temperature as high as 75 ℃ to 85 ℃, under these conditions, granule feedstuff easy deformation and broken, also the storage will produce bonding and mildew phenomenon, must make the moisture below 14%. The temperature drops below 8C above air temperature, which requires cooling. 


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