100kg/h floating fish feed production line

  • 100kg/h floating fish feed production line
  • 100kg/h capacity, floating fish feed production line, fish feed extruder machine
  • 100kg/h floating fish feed production line



(1)LIMA 100KG/h floating fish feed machine differential conditioning: effects of aging particularly good tone quality, increase water vapor in the process of completely soaked and set the raw materials powder uniform ripening, the same time added to fish oil, lecithin, fish soluble ,etc.


(2)Strong high-energy diet feeding of formula to add materials to address the process on the past, can not overcome the added high-fat, high-viscous. Add the maximum of fat up to 20% or more.


(3)Template seat and the hang on-mount rotary cutter-Mining Block and the cutter template combinations can quickly replace them die cutter adjustment easier. reduce the production of products with different specifications for modeling time, and save an area of operation and maintenance of room manufacturing operations more convenient. cutter speed by the frequency converter stepless adjustment for easy control of particle length.


Introduction of the floating fish feed pellet plant

To satisfy high demands for cost-effective, and high-performance fish feed pellets in world market, we specially customize this floating fish feed pellet plant. It can be used to produce variety materials into high-grade floating aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. Compact design and excellent performance, this floating fish feed pellet plant can liberate you thoroughly from raw material intake to finished feed pellets bulk loading.

1. Wide applicable scope: this production line can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, pet feed, livestock feed, etc.

2.Best-selling worldwide: Our fish feed pellet plants are hot selling in Nigeria, Malaysia, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea and so on.


Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets To Feed Fish

To buy a fish feed machine is very necessary. Fish feed pellet processing machine is a feed equipment that directly presses the crushed materials of soybean meal, bran, grass, fish meal, bean cake, barley, corn meal, and other materials into floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed pellets.


(1)The fish pellet feed should not be stored for too long. If the storage time is too long, it will cause dehydration mildew and affect the use-value of the pellet feed. Feeding the spoiled fish pellet feed will make the fish susceptible to disease. LIMA Machinery recommends that users best produce feed pellets while feeding.


(2)When the total amount of bait is unchanged, the number of baits should be increased to reduce the amount of bait each time. So that the fish is always in a semi-hungry state, which can increase the bait utilization rate and reduce the bait coefficient.


(3)The diameter of the fish pellet feed should be reasonable. When the fry is stocked, the water temperature is low, the growth is slow, and the size is small. It is more suitable to control the pellet size to 2 mm. As the temperature rises and the fry grows, the feed pellet size is 3 mm~3.5 mm, the pellet size in the later stage of breeding is 4 mm to 4.5 mm.


(4)Adding salt appropriately to prevent fish diseases. When using fish feed extruder to press the pellet feed for fish, LIMA Machinery recommends that 1% of the table salt be evenly mixed into the raw materials, which can sterilize and prevent fish diseases.



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